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Dr. Nowinski is internationally recognized for his work in the area of substance abuse treatment. He is the principal author of Twelve Step Facilitation Therapy (TSF), which in 2008 was selected for inclusion in the prestigious National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. More recently TSF was selected for inclusion in the American Psychological Association's official list of Empirically Supported Treatments. He has extensive experience on a national basis conducting presentations and trainings.

Dr. Nowinski is also an award-winning author of several trade books and many professional articles and research papers. He has a demonstrated facility for writing books that are based in sound theory and research but which are also accessible to a wide readership.

Substance Abuse in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Guide to Treatment (W.W. Norton) is considered a standard text among professionals.

Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Coping with a Loved One's Terminal Illness (Harvard/Penguin) has been described as a "new paradigm" for understanding grief at a time when modern medicine in increasingly able to extend life and convert once terminal illnesses into chronic illnesses. It helps families understand a process that is often frightening and confusing, and provides specific advice as how to cope with the "five stages of family grief."

The Divorced Child: Strengthening Your Family through the First Three Years of Separation (Palgrave/Macmillian) is a guide for divorcing parents for how to help their children emerge from divorce nor permanently damaged, but more resilient and capable of success and happiness.

The Identity Trap: Saving Our Teens from Themselves (Amacom) won a 2008 Silver Nautilus Book Award in the parenting category.

A Lifelong Love Affair: Keeping Sexual Desire Alive in Your Relationship (W.W. Norton) remained in print from 1989 through 2007.


Dr. Joe has given hundreds of media interviews, including the NY Times, NPR, and many other local and national media outlets.To review these please see the Press Page at


The Identity Trap: Saving Our Teens from Themselves. Amacom, 2007.

·        Winner, 2008 Silver Nautilus Book Award, Parenting Category.

6 Questions that Can Change Your Life. Rodale, 2002.

·        Reviews:

·        “I usually don’t read books twice, but this one I thought was well worth a more thorough second read.”

·        “Six Questions is a must read for everyone who wants to live a happy life.”

·        “This book helps you discover the common thread on which to gather the beads that result in quantum change.”

·        “He’s right—these 6 questions can change your life.”

·        “Quantum change is an exhilarating concept. 6 Questions that Can Change Your Life doesn’t focus on the surface of success or relationships, but rather on a deeper level of emotional awareness that opens the way for a true vision of life happiness.” Jill Lightner, Editorial Review

The Tender Heart: Conquering Your Insecurity, Fireside, 2001

·        Reviews:

·        “It was the best book I have read on the subject. My husband read it too.”

·        “What makes this book such a valuable tool is that Nowinski is able to describe situations and give solutions, not only for adults dealing with troubling situations, but to recognize sensitivities in children and how it affects their development. I highly recommend this book.”

A Lifelong Love Affair: Keeping Sexual Desire Alive in Your Relationship. W.W. Norton (1989)

·        In print continuously through 2006 (rights reverted to author).

·        Review:

·        “Nowinski looks at a wide range of problems that can undermine emotional intimacy. Sharing practical advice, he shows couples how to overcome these obstacles and improve their understanding, communication, and sexual pride.”—